Art Class Syllabus

Global Art Creative course syllabus is considered a ‘Disciplined Based’ Art Education (DBAE). The syllabus starts by teaching children the basics of colouring and drawing things that are related to what they actually observe in their surroundings and daily life. The syllabus is designed to allow the student to learn coloring and drawing in a structured way.
DBAE or Disciplined Based Art Education provides the art foundation for children to apply what they have learned directly to their School art work and assignments.  This is unlike 'freestyle' drawing and coloring where the child is allowed to draw and color freely as they like.  

There is a big difference between Global Art Creative programs and other art programs which has no specific syllabus but based on the personal feelings, emotions or interest of the child. One can see that the artwork of children who draw and color based on their feelings and emotions is different when compared to children who learned ‘Disciplined Based’ Art Education (DBAE) as taught by Global Art. DBAE is more grounded on art techniques like expansion of theme, composition, sizes, shapes, cropping, overlapping , shadows, depth, perspective and etc. Our students achievements attests to this and can be viewed by clicking on the sidebar located at right side of this page.

Because Global Art Creative course syllabus is geared towards ‘commercial’ application, it has received the endorsement of LimKokWing University as well as IACT College (; both institute of higher learning that specialized in creative communication.


Global Art Creative course syllabus consists of the following :

Foundation Level 1 & 2 Art Lessons :
Drawing through dotted lines, Pencil colouring, Origami/Cut & paste
Foundation Level 3 Art Lessons:
Drawing through Dotted lines, Pencil & oil pastel colouring

Prebasic Level 
Use of Grid and Shapes in drawing Objects, People, understanding of 2D and 3D  shapes and use of Perspectives  

Basic Level – Level 1, 2 & 3 Art Lessons:
Development of ideas, basic composition, drawing through shapes & references, oil pastels colouring
Intermediate Level – Level 4, 5 & 6 Art Lessons :
Development of ideas, intermediate composition, drawing through shapes & references, oil pastels & poster colouring

Advance Level

Drawing and Sketching Art Lessons :

Introduction to drawing through observation/references; basic pencil shading techniques

Painting Creative Works :
Introduction to painting & colouring knowledge/materials (Wet medias); Poster & Water colouring
Illustration Creative Works :
Introduction to development of ideas, advanced composition (creation of poster / illustration), drawing through shapes & references, poster & water colouring