Global Art Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya (Official Website)

Global Art Ara Damansara, located in Petaling Jaya is operated by MyArt Centre.  Global Art is not just about learning art; it is about nurturing self expression and self discovery that develops self-confidence, visual observation and creativity in children.
Art lessons help children promote their critical thinking/imagination, express their emotions by conceptualizing their thoughts/experiences onto paper and at the same time heighten their sense of awareness  on the environment around them.  Physically art lessons will help improve manual dexterity (skillful in using hands)  when children put to practice coloring techniques using different types of media (color pencils, oil pastels and poster colors). Emotionally when children's drawing and coloring skills improve, so too will their self esteem and self confidence.
MyArt Centre, a franchise of Global Art in Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya  provides an art program syllabus that  nurtures whole brain development in children with the aim of holistic growth. Presently children are being pressured to excel in school that emphasized the use of the left brain.
The left brain hemisphere is involved with analytical, sequential and rational thought processes while the right brain is concerned with spontaneous, emotional, visual, artistic and holistic processes. Through art and craft projects, the  lesser used right brain is developed which helps to give children a balance approach to life and work. 
Our art class syllabus is systematically planned to encourage children to appreciate colors, shapes and forms while at the same time develop their sense of observation and an eye for detail.
Don't hesitate to enroll your child now for art classes  at Global Art  Ara Damansara  in Petaling Jaya so that your child has a chance to develop his/her fullest potential.
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